Smart Rural Living Lab in Portugal

Co-creation of new methodologies and technologies to be used in the everyday rural life context, improving community’s life.

Where we are

Penela is a small town located in Centro Region of Portugal, district of Coimbra, characterized by a very low population density.


To reach rural regeneration, the Smart Rural Living Lab has developed a model of sustainability based on four vectors: natural resources (agriculture, fire prevention, graze, forest), social development and welfare (health and centres for elderly people), tourism and identity (heritage preservation, virtual hunting and tourism centre) and citizenship and entrepreneurship (internet access and public participation).

Rural Heritage

SRLL services are present in the entire value chain, from early stages of research and development until prototype testing: Consultancy; Research and development carried out and supported by investors/partners; Technology transfer; User testing for new technologies, products and solutions, with the municipality providing publics spaces and buildings as test-beds.