RURITAGE Resource Ecosystem

RURITAGE Resources Ecosystem ensures effective knowledge sharing, mutual learning, communication, stakeholder and public consultation by integrating the innovative tools developed within RURITAGE.

Within the RURITAGE Resources Ecosystem, RURITAGE has developed an innovative and creative rural landscape mapping providing a comprehensive representation of human-landscape interactions to build an integrated and interactive RURITAGE Atlas of physical and relational elements, data, maps, images, models, information, based on the relation of existing data models for built heritage representation with existing cultural resources inventories and offering people a tool to interact with their territories.

Beyond the RURITAGE Atlas, RURITAGE Resources Ecosystem includes different tools for data collecting and data management, providing an open and free Replication ToolBox including the RURITAGE Practices Repository, the interoperable RURITAGE Inventory of Lessons Learned, the RURITAGE Serious Game kit, the Step-by-Step Regeneration Guidelines and an interactive agent-based model able to realize a prototypical implementation of the online RURITAGE Decision Support System (DSS) for Replicators. The DSS  consider previous initiatives and provides suggestions for combining good practices and Lessons Learned from various Role Models, allowing the choice of comprehensive programmes to be implemented at replicating sites. Moreover, the My Cult-Rural Toolkit integrates PGIS tools, two Apps to collect stakeholders’ perception data and the Tagscape methodology to collect Co-Monitoring data and allows to feed user input to the RURITAGE platform.