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WEBINAR: Thinking beyond the COVID-19 crisis: heritage-based opportunities for rural regeneration.

“Thinking beyond the COVID-19 crisis: heritage-based opportunities for rural regeneration” webinar Which opportunities for the future of rural areas after the COVID-19? How to turn challenges into […]

Public Webinar #4: How to build and implement your heritage-led regeneration strategies.

On previous webinars, participants were presented to the overall approach of the project and the RURITAGE’s methodology for heritage-led regeneration. A first-hand insight into what was achieved so […]

Public Webinar #3: How to build and transfer knowledge for rural regeneration

Following last April’s webinar that gave an overview of the project, we are proud to present the third RURITAGE public webinar. In this webinar you’ll be able […]

Public Webinar #2: Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies

Following last January’s first webinar that presented the innovative RURITAGE methodology for heritage-led regeneration strategies, in this second edition, the overall approach of the project will be […]

First public RURITAGE webinar on Methodology for Heritage Management and Planning

To explore the innovative Community based Heritage Management and Planning Methodology (CHMP) behind the¬†RURITAGE¬†project, join in for our first public webinar. During a 90-minute webinar, moderated by […]

Heritage-Led Regeneration: What Is Our Vision?

On 20 November 2019, RURITAGE and the ROCK project will co-host a joint workshop to discuss the use of tangible and intangible cultural heritage as a driver […]

Save the date 20.11.2019! ILUCIDARE Playground: Cracking the future of heritage

Explore the multifaceted contribution heritage makes to sustainable and inclusive societies to tackle societal challenges through innovation and to engage in multicultural dialogue. The ILUCIDARE Playground creates [...]