RURITAGE activities are mainly targeted to 6 rural territories that will develop, implement and monitor large scale demonstration projects for rural regeneration. These territories represent Replicators since they have the big responsibility to understand, learn, tailor and replicate the successful strategies that have been identified in RURITAGE Role Models. Each Replicator works predominantly in one of the identified Systemic Innovation Areas, but will be influenced also from some other SIAs. To successfully develop their heritage-led regeneration strategies, Replicators are assisted by Role Models that mentor them and by Knowledge Facilitator Partners that provide them with useful tools and support.


Additional Replicators

In February 2019 RURITAGE launched an open call for additional Rs. The call aimed to open up  the project to additional rural communities in Europe and beyond that would like to learn how to successfully manage their CNH to regenerate their territory. RURITAGE received 87 applications and selected 17 Additional Rs that will join project partners in the Appignano del Tronto Launch workshop in October 2019. Additional Replicators  will have the opportunity to learn from the RURITAGE Role Models, Replicators and knowledge experts and to access a wide range of tools and knowledge to develop their own heritage-led regeneration plans. This will enable additional Rs to subsequently develop and implement strategies adapted to their own rural territory and increase the visibility of their region worldwide.