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Over four years, RURITAGE foresees several activities to further spread the RURITAGE methodology, vision, and gathered knowledge. The aim is to reach rural communities and territories all over the European Union and beyond.

Professional Master's Programme

Interested in a one-year part-time program filled with various activities to broaden your knowledge of Heritage as a tool for development?

Summer School

Want to broaden your knowledge of how Cultural and Natural Heritage as a resource to regenerate your rural areas?

RURITAGE Photo contest

Do you want to show the world what makes your rural area special? Help us see it the way you do! Take part in the RURITAGE photo [...]

RURITAGE troubadour

RURITAGE will reintroduce the concept of the Middle Age troubadour: an artist travelling from place to place performing their craft inspired and influenced by their encounters, registering [...]

Call of Interest for replicator – Closed

Are you a rural community that is searching for innovative solutions, using your local heritage potential as a catalyst for economic competitiveness and/or sustainable and inclusive growth? [...]

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Simona Tondelli

Project Coordinator
Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna