RURITAGE Troubadour – Local Stories

RURITAGE had planned to reintroduce the concept of the Middle Age troubadour: an artist travelling from place to place performing their craft inspired and influenced by their encounters, registering stories and voices of Rural Regeneration.

Due to the COVID pandemic, RURITAGE was not able to launch the this activity as such, but has adapted the concept into a digital curation and storytelling process, supported by the Replicators. RURITAGE Replicators have been asked to provide local stories.  Each of these territories, six in total, will  identify a set of local stories that tell the story of their rural regeneration process.

We have partnered with BEE a company that specializes in creative storytelling  and on developing sustainability narratives to create positive change. The process is now underway and a digital book will be presented in the Fall of 2021.