Role Models

Within RURITAGE, thirteen rural territories in the European Union and beyond, have been selected as Role Model areas. The Role Models have been recognised redeveloped through heritage-led regeneration strategies in the six Systemic Innovation Areas identified by RURITAGE. These territories have brought their knowledge, experiences, good practices and actions into the project.

The Role Models have provided the RURITAGE experts, our so-called Knowledge Facilitator Partners, with their experiences. Based on Role Model practices, the Knowledge Facilitator Partners have developed recommendations, lessons and tools for Replicators. This was done to ensure a successful replication in other territories. Furthermore, the Role Models have directly mentored the Replicators by giving them insights and practical tips on how to develop and implement their heritage led regeneration strategies.

In September 2018 RURITAGE launched an open call for additional Role Models. In the end, seven additional territories were chosen. The Additional Role Models are found further down on the page.

Additional Role Models

In September 2018 RURITAGE launched an open call for additional Role Models. The call aimed to open up the project to additional rural communities that has successfully benefited from cultural and natural heritage to regenerate their areas. RURITAGE received 27 applications in total. In the end seven Additional Role Models were selected. These communities joined the project partners during the Valladolid Training workshop in March 2019. The Additional Role Models’ successful actions have been analysed and added to RURITAGE Good Practices Repository.