Digital Sanctuary Project in Brazil

Where we are

The CRER crosses the states of Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, connecting and relating the geography to several heritage assets. This territory is populated by culturally differentiated communities, which have their own forms of social organization and settlement and base their identity on their local cultural and natural heritage.


The Digital Sanctuary project is based on a digital multiplatform that integrates official data with citizens’ science, focusing on environmental education and heritage. It includes training modules for “Heritage Guardians” to defend the local natural, historical and cultural resources.

Rural Heritage

Digital Sanctuary enhances the communication, training and democratization of information on cultural heritage, aiming at building citizenship culture based on the sense of belonging and appreciation of the local cultural assets. Preserve and strengthen religious and social linkages within the localities along the main route of the Caminho Religioso da Estrada Real – CRER, enhancing the local diversity and richness of cultural heritage.

The city of Mariana by Altino Barbosa Caldeire