Ecomuseum Alpi Apuane: memory meets nature

Where we are

The Ecomuseum is located in the Tuscany region. It covers an area of 4 municipalities, but its policies affect the entire Apuan bioregion which area overcomes 1000 km2. The mission of the Ecomuseum, which involves a vast network of partners as communities, associations, farms, municipalities, universities and study centers, is the dissemination of knowledge on the local heritage and its enhancement.


The Apuan Alps bioregion is affected by a general state of underdevelopment that has produced, for decades, a progressive abandonment of mountain villages, agriculture, pastoralism and, therefore, a crisis of culture and local identity; underdevelopment is closely linked to the impact of marble extraction, a phenomenon that has now reached enormous proportions and created extensive damage to the environment, the landscape, the local economy, the life quality of people living in this area.

Rural Heritage

By raising awareness of the value of the huge environmental, natural, historical/artistic/architectural heritage, renewable energy sources, cultures and local identities, as well as human wills on which to base the economic recovery, institutional and social actors are working together in the Ecomuseum with the aim of developing proposals for building sustainable development practices for the Apuan Alps. Here memory and nature linked to the landscape heritage are combined with social innovations for the quality of the landscape and the protection of common goods.