Vattenmålarna: connecting creativity

Vattenmålarna: connecting creativity

Gotland, Sweden

Vattenmålarna maintains a sense of community and continues to creatively express themselves through online meetings where they paint with each other virtually.  Learn more!


Anyone aiming to maintain and spread creativity.

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Local initiative

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Overall aim

To maintain a sense of community and continue to creatively express themselves in a difficult time. Vattenmålarna wants to inspire others to do the same even after the pandemic. Living in a rural area can be pretty lonely and this is a great way to maintain community and exchange creativity, during a crisis and beyond.

Brief description

Vattenmålarna is a group of seniors that meet and paint with watercolours every week. Due to the COVID-19 emergence, this has no longer been possible. Instead, Vattenmålarna has initiated weekly online meetings where they paint with each other but virtually. Most of them paint pictures interpreting their current situation, for example, 'missing my grandchildren or 'imagining being outside again'. Their illustrations have been published in multiple national newspapers. The group aims for this to become an exhibition, in which format is not clear yet but hopefully virtually.


Encourage societal groups to sustain their usual practices but in a new format in order to maintain a sense of community. In addition, expressing oneself creatively in a time of crisis is an important tool to process and deal with new challenges of everyday life.

Cross-cutting themes

 Technological innovation    Social innovation