The Mobile Market

The Mobile Market

Izmir, Turkey

Encourage and ensure local entrepreneurship and food producers while supporting the most vulnerable citizens.

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Anyone within the community and in particularly vulnerable groups

Main promoter

The Municipality of Izmir

Overall aim

All over the globe, new initiatives for distributing food directly from the producers to the customers’ homes are taking place. The aim is to maintain active food production while adapting to current conditions. In Izmir, the market travels around the municipality making vulnerable inhabitants less exposed to risk.

Brief description

The municipality of Izmir buys locally produced food from farmers nearby. The food is then distributed and sold via Mobil Market vehicles that go around the territory of Izmir. The municipality ensures fair prices for costumers and salaries for the producers. With the Mobile Market, inhabitants who cannot go to the market due to the epidemic can do their grocery shopping at an affordable price right in front of their door.


The replicability aspect is for local authorities, or organisations, to ensure local food production while supporting vulnerable societal groups. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of sales have moved online which has sometimes caused exclusion, especially for the elderly. The Mobile Market provides a function that can be accessible for everyone and at the same time remain affordable.

The action of food delivery has taken different shapes depending on where it has been initiated and the kind of local entrepreneurs, producers, and farmers. Learn more from other areas here!

Cross-cutting themes

Mobility & Accessibility   Business models & investment strategies