Illustrating local heritage

Illustrating local heritage

Imbabura Geoparque Mundial, Ecuador

A competition for illustrating the indigenous legend “El Gigante and Las Lagunas de Imbabura” was initiated in Imbabura Geopark to process and strengthen the cultural identity of the Imbabureña population as well as mitigate the psychological effects of the Covid-19 health emergency.

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The entire community

Main promoter

Imbabura – UNESCO Global Geopark

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Overall aim

The overall aim of the contest was to promote citizen participation in the process of strengthening Imbabura as a UNESCO World Geopark, revitalize cultural identity, and to mitigate the adverse psychological effects of the health emergency due to COVID-19.

Brief description

The public drawing contest to illustrate the legend El Gigante and the Imbabura lagoons, was addressed to the entire community. It was organised in different categories depending on age: Gigantitos (up to 14 years old), Junior giant (15 to 18 years old), Senior giant (19 to 30 years old) and Amateur giant (over 30 years old).
The drawings will gradually be published on the social networks of Geopark Imbabura. Finally, a brochure will be prepared with all received drawings, summarizing the contest as a whole. Along with this, a children's coloring booklet will illustrations of the legend El Gigante and the Imbabura lagoons will be made available.


Use common heritage, in this case, oral intangible heritage, to strengthen rural community and resilience during challenging times.

Cross-cutting themes

Cultural & Natural Heritage  Social innovation