Remote spiritual guidance

Remote spiritual guidance

Harghita, Romania

Remote spiritual guidance and online masses in mother tongue to safeguard mental wellbeing among rural minority groups. Learn more!


Anyone within the community, in particular, minorities.

Main promoter

Pro Edu, Áradat Association & the Archdiocesan Pastoral Committee of Alba Iulia.

Overall aim

The overall aim has been to promote mental health protection intensely during the pandemic while encouraging awareness of spiritual protection and emotional development in rural areas. This has been done through providing mother tongue pastoral care services for minorities in the community and online masses. These initiatives are strengthening professional communities and training volunteers in crisis intervention over time while supporting the ones in need.

Brief description

Pro Edu has brought together initiatives for spiritual guidance and online masses from its member organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these activities is the online pastoral work initiated by the Archdiocesan Pastoral Committee of Alba Iulia. They started recording and transmitting online the Holy Masses as soon as the pandemic was officially recognized in Romania.  In this way,  people could and can continue to join the masses. Especially during Easter and all other holidays where they provided practical information material for home-celebration including infographics, songs, and suggestions on festive family activities.

Another important initiative has been the one of spiritual guidance. The organisation Áradat has since 15 years a Spiritual Aid Service, both via a telephone and online services with volunteers (working according to IFOTES international standards). During the beginning of the pandemic, Áradat was the first organisation to offer mental and spiritual support in Hungarian to the members of the Hungarian community in Romania. This is important, because a lot of people from rural areas especially, feel more comfortable to ask for counseling in their mother language, or they just simply don’t know Romanian good enough. Meanwhile, the number of callers increased significantly and expanded from the Harghita region to the whole Transylvania.


The replicability aspect is to make sure to include everyone while developing support and aid, to ensure mental wellbeing among all members of the community.

Cross-cutting themes

Mental wellbeing