Connecting Hearts

Connecting Hearts

Aguilar de Campoo, Spain

Strengthen social links and wellbeing between the elderly and youth through virtual exchange.

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Elderly and students

Main promoter

The initiative is organized by Third Activity, the elderly residence that the Santa María la Real Foundation manages in Aguilar de Campoo, and by the San Gregorio school.

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Overall aim

The aim is to provide a virtual exchange experience between high school freshmen at the San Gregorio School and elderly people at the nursing home “Third Activity”. The purpose is to strengthen the links between youth and the elderly, to spread awareness of local challenges, to stay connected and to learn from the shared experience.

Brief description
New technologies such as tablets and cellphones are allowing the connection between the students of San Gregorio School and the elderly living in Third Activity. Young students are generally aware of their friends and close one’s situation during the corona crisis. However, a connection to someone from another generation, with many experiences to teach and share, offers something completely different to these youngsters. The elderly have shown to truly enjoy the company of the students as the connections are like windows to an outside world now is closed because of the virus.

Ensure mental wellbeing and strengthen the community by maintaining a social connection for all age groups. Use online tools to connect different age groups to exchange experiences and to learn from each other.

Cross-cutting themes

Social innovation Technological innovation