The Rossie Way – Community radio service

The Rossie Way

Roscommon, West of Ireland

A community radio service, particularly aimed at older and vulnerable people at risk from COVID-19 that are ‘cocooning’ during the current crisis.

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Elderly and high-risk groups

Main promoter

Roscommon Lions Club – community-based charity organisation together with other stakeholders, including Roscommon County Council.


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Overall aim

Without normal access to visitors and social outlets, and with just negative information from mainstream media people's mental wellbeing is being challenged. The Rossie Way community radio aims to reach people in higher-risk groups, especially in rural areas who tend to be isolated due to the severe restrictions placed on them.

Brief description
The Rossie Way provides daily radio programming by volunteer producers and DJs to build resilience in the local community through a mix of music, chat, local celebrity interviews, local guests, quizzes, special requests, and online religious ceremonies. The common theme is a positive message to keep its audience company. The initiative includes the provision of complementary pre-set radio transistors to older and vulnerable people in the community that was sponsored by local businesses.

This initiative can easily be adapted to local needs and tailored to suit relevant themes and situations. This will ensure mental well-being and strengthen the community by maintaining social connection for target groups. Key requirements are access to the Radio mast/tower and broadcasting license where necessary.

Cross-cutting themes

Social innovation Mental wellbeing