Landscape meets Culture in Terre Astigiane Ecomuseum

TAKE CARE: a participatory strategy for preserving and enhancing cultural landscape

Where we are

The cultural landscape in the Eastern area of the Asti province (Italy) has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014 thanks to its meaningful and unique components that have been generated by ‘the combined action of man and nature’, mainly through wine-growing.


Despite a clear identity of the cultural and environmental landscape of the area, the Asti province is facing some of the big challenges of many Italian rural and inner areas, mainly the depopulation of the smaller villages and the lack of community services (small shops, hospitality spots, public mobility).

Rural Heritage

The Ecomuseum ‘Terre Astigiane’ is working on the implementation of activities aimed at achieving long term benefits, such as fighting the rural depopulation and the abandonment of the villages. As Replicator, the main goal is to prevent the traditional culture loss by enhancing the values related to the cultural and natural landscape. These values are rooted in many identity elements, e.g. vineyards, rural architecture, and country trails.