Mysia Ways: Nature-Based and Cultural Tourism Project as a Means for Regional Sustainable Development

Where we are

Mysia Ways Region in Western Turkey offers subleme sceneries to the historical Bithynian landscape where early expansion of Ottoman Empire took place in the South of Marmara Sea. It includes protected natural sites (Uluabat Lake Ramsar Wetland Site and Ayva İni Cave) as well as historical settlements, archaeological sites and traditional rural settlements.

Mysia Ways Region also offers opportunities for various activities such as hiking, cycling, horse-riding, fishing, cave exploring, paragliding, camping, nature photography and bird watching.


Being a smoothly-urbanized district, Nilüfer comprises mainly rural areas. Its rural settlements possess a long history and important archaeological remains and architectural heritage, while they exhibit a rich variety of local cultures.

Rural Heritage

Nilüfer Municipality’s aim within RURITAGE Project is to enhance regional sustainable development based on cultural and nature-based tourism in Mysia Ways settlements.

Its targets are to establish cultural and eco-touristic facilities as well as activities in specific settlement besides Misi and Gölyazı and to organize seminars and exchange-visits for the enhancement of local awareness on the value of natural and cultural heritage. Participating in the project would also help to gain sufficient expertise for further goals achievement.