Cultural Routes and Heritage Education in Zagori Ecomuseum

Where we are

Zagori villages represent a pre-industrial social economy in which natural hazards and limited resources formed a self-sustainable community. The cultural identity needs not only to be safeguarded, studied, and promoted but also redefined in contemporary terms towards an inclusive and sustainable revitalization.


Being a marginalized regional unit, Zagori villages in Western Greece are facing gradient depopulation and decay of the local traditional identity, which results in unexploited and detached potentials from the present reality of the local community. Among them is a natural landscape – the Geopark of Vikos.

Rural Heritage

The powerful interconnection of nature and culture has for long shaped the mountainous civilization of Zagori. Holding a festival would promote forming a holistic landscape experience through which local heritage is interpreted and enjoyed in close dialog with nature. Local crafts, architecture, and intangible heritage (traditional music, gastronomy, beliefs) all emanate from a shared value system.

Progress within the RURITAGE project