Ripe San Ginesio: connecting rural to global trends

Rebuilding Ripe San Ginesio’s identity: leveraging on the Cultural and Landscape heritage while connecting to the global scene.

Where we are

The surrounding territory of the middle-age hamlet of Ripe San Ginesio (Italy) is known for their rural characteristics, yet, the area has been experiencing a strong post-war urbanization trend. This has been the very cause of the depopulation process that affects many inner areas across the country. In recent years, this process has exacerbated the isolation of the hamlets from mainstream national, global, cultural and economic movements.


The core challenges the territory faces today is due to enhancing the attractiveness of the area and rebuilding their local identity while stimulating the rediscovery of ecological knowledge and values. Borgofuturo, the Additional Replicator partner, believes that heritage-based cultural activities and events related to sustainability, alternative economy, education, and agriculture would reverse the negative trends by raising environmental awareness, reconnecting to both natural and cultural global dynamics (e.g. climate change, ecosystem services, international events, concerts, etc.). The yearly-celebrated Borgofuturo Festival also plays a big role in this strategy and has become a landmark for the province in terms of providing sustainable cultural inputs.

Rural Heritage

With the tools and support of RURITAGE, Ripe San Ginesio hopes to reach its objective of rural regeneration and identity building through glimpses of the local as well as the global cultural scene.