Pilgrimage and heritage in Hidden Heartlands

Where we are

From hidden landscapes to vibrant towns, from rural roads to historic villages with intriguing castles, lakeside trails and endless natural heritage, the Hidden Heartlands stretches throughout the whole centre of Ireland.


Unfortunately, the rural area is suffering from depopulation, lack of tourism and loss of jobs. By focusing on local strengths, including recognizing cultural and natural heritage, the local regions can develop a sustainable advantage, to re-energise the area in a smart way.

Rural Heritage

Here, new pilgrim and heritage-based walking routes will be developed and promoted. The central location and rural nature of Co. Roscommon, home to the National Famine Museum, which is steeped in traditional heritage, is an ideal base for these range of walking routes, based on Gaelic, Christian and Great Famine heritage. Examples include the National Famine Way, the Shannon Pilgrim, the Croagh Patrick routes and the Beara Breifne Way.  These will provide a new aspect to the green and sustainable tourism package of Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands Region and give a boost to the rural regeneration of the area.