Cultural Heritage Preservation in Palestine

Battir’s House of Arts & Culture

Where we are

Throughout the course of history, Palestine has been a meeting place for civilizations and a cultural bridge between East and West, evidenced by the existence of successive historical traditions in the area. Rich with tangible and intangible resources, the area and city of Battir is no exception to this. Being close to Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus Christ, it attracts more than two million visitors per year. It is also inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List under the name of “Palestine, Land of Olives and Vines; Cultural Landscape of Southern Jerusalem, Battir” for its beautiful and rich cultural landscape.


Despite being an area with high social, historical and functional importance, it suffers from various threats. It has become vulnerable under the impact of socio-cultural and geo-political transformations that may have caused irreversible damage. Lack of funding and assistance also triggered serious harm and deterioration on the landscape throughout time. As a result, the inherited traditions and cultural identity are increasingly under risk.

Rural Heritage

Becoming a RURITAGE Replicator would be the first step towards enhancing the protection of this cultural heritage site, where the preparation of a Management Plan for the development of agrotourism in Battir will be key. Through the promotion of cultural and eco-tourism, reviving traditional practices and festivals by organising markets and agricultural programmes, the Centre for Cultural Heritage Preservation (CCHP) hope to thrive Battir’s economical sector, and decrease unemployment rates.