Visegrád: The Town of the Living Middle Ages

Where we are

The village of Visegrád has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary. Not only has the village got a lot to offer history wise, dating back from the New Stone Age, but it is still inhabited. The since long settlement is a result of the great location, which has attracted various ethnic groups. Today, the scenic location, historically tied monuments and recreational facilities are appealing factors for the many yearly tourists. The village has developed a place narrative strategy to enhance an interest in the village, among others through a yearly medieval themed festival.


The success behind the living village of Visegrád is strongly connected to networking and cooperation within the community. There is an established support for local traditional activist, which is highlighted through branding and clustering. The municipality of Visegrád are aiming for increasing tourism as well as sustainably cherish its living village. Through enhancement of their natural and cultural heritage, Visegrád is flourishing.

Rural Heritage

The hub is hosted in different local venues around the small town of Visegrád which emphasizes variation within such a small community. The hosts are the palace, the town hall and the hotels.