Douro Cultural Landscape

Where we are

Alongside the river of Douro you find the cultural landscape of Duero-Duoro. The 897 km long river connects Castilla y León in Spain the northern regions of Portugal. The rural area has been recognized as universally valuable as the 2,000 yearlong wine production has shaped the landscape. The beauty of the landscape reflects social, economic, environmental as well as technical values and consistency.


The rural area is still profitably managed traditionally by traditional landowners. Actions are still made sustain the area sustainably, for example, tools to empowerment local business and branding are being implemented. These are tools that can be used both to create a sense of social belonging as well as opportunities within tourism. In order to safeguard the tangible landscape of Duero-Duoro sustainably, strategies to evaluate interactions between social and ecological systems have been initiated.

Duero-Duoro is a great example of a living rural community, thriving thanks its landscapes’ cultural and natural heritage. Assuredly, a high-level training program for landscape managers within the areas, secures a continued sustainable approach.

Rural Heritage

The main hub of Duero-Duoro is located in Luelmo House in Valladolid. The Luelmo House hosts the Santa María la Real Foundation of Historical Heritage, who is a prominent member of the initiative “Duero Douro, Heritage for Development”. As an already established gathering point for local heritage, the Luelmo House constitute an accessible hub for stakeholders.