Austrått & Ørland landscape

Where we are

For many locals of the municipality Ørland, their landscape is synonymous with Austrått. The manorial landscape of Austrått contains high natural and cultural values with historical and military significance. This is embodied through Austrått manor with gardens, a hunting park, several crofts, larger farms and an old pilgrimage route. A landscape is more than its tangible dimensions though, it’s also the perceptions, stories and memoirs. Therefore, the relation to the landscape is equally as important to safeguard and regenerate as the physical character.


Local inhabitants find many qualities in the Austrått landscape. They motivate it both by its history and beauty but also that is enables locals to different recreational activities and experiences. Some locals, in particularly farmers, have both a practical and emotional attachment to the area. They find a lot of their identity within the qualities of the Austrått landscape. Still, there is an urge within the community to safeguard the natural and cultural as well as making it more widely known and accessible to live in.

Rural Heritage

The Austrått Rural Heritage Hub is situated in Ørland Cultural Centre in Brekstad. It was established as a municipal enterprise focusing on three areas of interest: history, nature and culture. Ørland Cultural Centre already has the function of networking local and regional governments which makes it an optimal place to gather stakeholders for the hub.