Agro-food production in Apulia

Where we are

At the “heel” of the “boot” of Italy, the region of Apulia, is found. The rural area of Apulia has in the last couple of years, successfully accomplished to combine local natural and cultural heritage with innovation and technology.


By establishing policies aimed for innovative development together with investment incentives, the growth of local production systems has increased as well as attracted a high number of international industrial groups. These policies regard product standards for quality definition and sustainable agro-food production. This has, among other things also led to an acceleration within tourism. To meet the demands visitors and make food experiences more accessible, food clusters have been created. The new prospects of the region, has also led to an increase in job opportunities, making it possible to regenerate and to flourish.

Rural Heritage

The sustainable local food production of Apulia has established two hubs. One is located at the headquarters of the food management and governance company D.A.Re. in Foggia. At D.A.Re., collaboration between researchers, smaller business and stakeholders within the agri-food sector meet. The other hub, Vazapp’, is an already established place for networking between young people within the agriculture sector. It offers an innovative and flexible way of connecting people locally and regionally as an accessible gathering point.