St. Rosalia Cave opening!

After being closed for five years due a rockfall, the St. Rosalia cave in the Municipality of Globasnitz/Globasnica, Austria, was finally open to the public in early September after delays caused by the COVID19 pandemic. To this restoration, finished in autumn 2020, the Karavanke/Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark made an important contribution.

The opening of St. Rosalia Cave.
Mag. Gerald Hartmann

One of the most important pilgrimage sites on Hemmaberg (St. Hemma Mountain) is St. Rosalia cave. St. Rosalia has been the patron who is said to protect believers from plague. With many tales and stories about the small grotto and its miraculous spring water, the St. Rosalia Grotto has been an important pilgrimage location since early settlements in 400 AD.


St. Rosalia cave.
Credit: Daniel Zupanc

The opening event started with a press conference to which diverse stakeholders, including journalists (regional and national journalists), local government and touristic associations were invited.