Global Nomadic Art Project in Geo-N UNESCO Global Geopark.

In cooperation with the International Forest Art Association, Darmstadt, Germany, Geo-N organized and implemented a Global Nomadic Art Project (GNAP) “Nature Art Stories” 2021. International and German artists explored Geo-N’s territory, including its geology, cultural and natural heritage in an artistic field research with 14 workshops over a period of two weeks, from August 29th to September 11th, 2021.

During these days, 9 international artists and 15 German artists participated in a knowledge-exchange process through visits, lectures and workshops together with experts in fields such as geology, climate change, agriculture and biodiversity . The artists worked together in outdoor nature art workshops, created indoor nature art exhibitions and published documentaries of their work.
All the activities created in nature have been documented in photos and videos and exhibited in a gallery or museum in the artists home countries. All works have been published as a catalogue and documentary film.

Geo-N supports GNAP as a part of its Action Plan. Through the cooperation, artists receive a unique opportunity to connect with nature through the lenses of geology / earth history. This action helps artists / visitors of the exhibition to learn more about the region, its history, its geological heritage and environmental diversity. It gives them the chance to connect with the region’s natural and cultural heritage and encourages them to go on their own journey through Geo-N’s territory.

Here’s a review of the 2019 GNAP meeting.