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RURITAGE recognizes 6 Systemic Innovation Areas (SIAs), as frameworks enabling to identify unique heritage potential within rural communities: Pilgrimage, Resilience, Sustainable Local Food Production, Integrated Landscape Management, Migration and Art and Festivals. Click on the relevant icon to explore the concept related to each SIA

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Throughout the RURITAGE project, 13 rural areas have been selected as Role Models. Role Models can be considered as successful cases where rural areas have been regenerated thanks to cultural and natural heritage. Role Models have been selected with reference to the 6 different Systemic Innovation Areas identified in the project: Pilgrimage, Resilience, Sustainable Local Food Production, Integrated Landscape Management, Migration and Art and Festivals.   In RURITAGE, Role Models practices are analyzed to be transferred to 6 selected Replicators, one per SIA. Replicators represent local communities within rural territories that are in the process of building their own heritage-led regeneration strategies, but need to improve their skills, knowledge and capacity building.

Within RURITAGE, each Role Model and Replicator has established a so-called Rural Heritage Hub. The hub is the community of local stakeholders as well as a physical meeting place where co-creation activities take place. It is therefore a living lab where local stakeholders and inhabitants cooperate for developing new heritage-led regeneration strategies for their territory.

Knowledge and skills coming from Role Models’ experience are transferred to Replicators through a participatory planning process that allows to tailor and adapt the Role Models’ strategies to specific needs and challenges faced by Replicators.

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