Systemic Innovation Areas Webinar Series Arts & Festivals. Drivers for Rural Regeneration – 3rd February

Last autumn we launched a series of public webinars on RURITAGE Systemic Innovation Areas. The first theme was Resilience followed by Migration and Pilgrimage

On the 3rd of February it will be the turn to talk about how Arts & Festivals can be regeneration drivers.

The contribution that culture can make in regeneration activities, as demonstrated by numerous city ‘capitals of culture’ examples, can be applied in its own way to rural areas. A vibrant arts and festivals programme, within a rural context, is an opportunity for rural communities to express their unique identity, to express their self-confidence and connection to each other and their appreciation and celebration of their area. The arts and festivals sectors provide employment opportunities, are related to the broader creative industries which are a major economic driver and when carefully harnessed can contribute to green tourism profiling the distinctive characteristics of an area through its local culture.

During this webinar, several RURITAGE partners will share their arts and festival experiences. Speakers from Take Art will introduce the rural touring concept which shows how involving rural communities in the promotion and hosting of professional arts touring into village halls helps to invigorate local communities by bringing them together within a cultural context.