November 8, 2019 - Learning visit hosted by RM Dare Apulia for R Magma

Replicator Magma Unesco Global Geopark had the opportunity to get to know in loco best practices of their Role Model Distretto Agroalimentare Regionale and Vazapp.

Among the exciting activities, Magma team learned about Apulia Local food system and its development through the initiative #farmersdinner. They also met up with the Mayor of #CagnanoVarano, Claudio Costanzucci Paolino, to discuss future plans related to the usage of natural heritage for community regeneration.

Other highlights were the visits to Azienda Agricola Turco, where they experienced the sweetest tomato in the world, and Lago di Varano to check the production of traditional cheese and sheep’s breeding.

All of this, of course, intertwined with the enthusiasm of local farmers pride and joy for their traditional/ genuine agriculture.