Rural Heritage Hubs are places to investigate and boost social innovation related to heritage. They gather different kind of stakeholders such as local and regional authorities, enterprises, NGOs, Museums, (natural) (Geo)parks, research centres and civil society organisations. These hubs will act as living labs where strategies to advance the region will be (further) developed through a process of co-creation and participation of all stakeholders.

On the other hand, these Rural Heritage Hubs are the heart of the mutual learning experience between local stakeholders and inhabitants and also all RURITAGE project participants. Knowledge and skills gained from other regions involved in this project will be transmitted to all stakeholders through capacity building activities.

Within the RURITAGE project, we have selected 6 innovation areas that will be the foundation for different types of regeneration strategies using heritage. These strategies will be adapted to the local context, investigated, developed and implemented in the 19 Rural Heritage Hubs through participatory and community based heritage management and planning.

Role Model