Voluntary harvest

Voluntary harvest

Izmir, Turkey

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Farmers and food producers.

Main promoter

Metropolitan municipality in Izmir

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Overall aim

In big parts of Europe, farmers have been challenged with finding seasonal workers for the harvest period due to the pandemic. In the municipality of Izmir, the action “Voluntary harvest” aims to support local farmers with labor. Beyond avoidance of bankruptcy and food waste, this can bolster local resilience. By supporting local companies with a small symbolic salary for young people and/or unemployed active and to maintain a sense of purpose. From a bigger perspective, this will hopefully empower a sense of community.

Brief description

By arranging a support program volunteers via a digital platform this year’s harvest is done through the collective work of volunteers, villagers, and municipal employees in Izmir. The volunteers must be within a low-risk group to participate in the harvest. With the support of the Izmir metropolitan municipality, the volunteers will help about 46 cherry orchards in 18 villages. After the cherry harvest, the volunteers will have the opportunity to support the plum and peach harvest. As a small thank you to the weekly harvest volunteers, they will gain free travel cards for public transportation as well as food package and of course valuable information about farming methods and soil knowledge.


The action of creating a local network of solidarity to support food producers can be replicated as a means to mitigate several risk factors in a time of crisis. This is one of the many ways one can start to think about different ways to support the agriculture workforce.

Cross-cutting themes

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