TeachOut: Bringing people outdoor

TeachOut: Bringing people outdoor

Magma, Norway

TeachOut is an outdoor science game that gets young inhabitants outside in nature to enjoy and learn about their surroundings. Learn more!


Children, families and schools

Main promoter

Magma Geopark under the ERASMUS+ project ESTEAM

Overall aim

TeachOut is an outdoor science game that aims to get young inhabitants outside and enjoy and learn about their surrounding landscape.

Brief description

TeachOut is a mobile app based on analysis of national school curricula and then adapted by teachers to be used by their students. TechOut allows nature to be the classroom where students are given questionnaires, treasure hunts, experiments, drawing tasks and competitions.


Activate children by bringing them outdoors assisted by technological tools. The need for children to spend more time outside and to learn about their surroundings is something that will last beyond the COVID-19.

Cross-cutting themes

 Technological innovation    Social innovation