Support to the most vulnerable in society

Support to the most vulnerable in society

Izmir, Turkey; Western Ireland

Support the most vulnerable in society through solidarity. Learn more!


Anyone within the community, in particularly vulnerable groups, as well as farmers and food producers

Main promoter

Local authorities: Local Link, a local organization; the metropolitan municipality in Izmir

Overall aim

The common aim is to ensure the health of vulnerable and economically disadvantaged groups and at the same time secure local entrepreneurship.

Brief description

In Izmir, the municipality has stepped in to support local food producers directly through the launch of the campaign “We are There“. By setting up food aid packages, funded via donations online or directly in stores, the municipality delivers packages directly to vulnerable groups and economically disadvantaged families. In this way, less benefited members of society are supported as well as the local entrepreneurs and farmers.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ireland, a local organization called Local Link has stepped up to the plate to provide support in rural areas. Local Link is offering a collect-and-deliver service where possible from pharmacies and local shops for passengers, delivering critical medical supplies for the elderly, the vulnerable, and the sick within rural areas. These services can be availed of by contacting the Local Link provider in their region directly. Delivering groceries, medications, and cleaning supplies as well as providing a friendly voice on the phone or through the window will give the most vulnerable among us the reassurance they need.


The replicability aspect is cooperation through the crises to find new ways to support the most vulnerable's needs. It can be seen as either a joint action to strengthen local networking as well as an opportunity to support individual entrepreneurs to continue their business.

Cross-cutting themes

Mobility & Accessibility   Business models & investment strategies