Integration of migrants in fields and vineyards

Integration of migrants in fields and vineyards

Asti, Italy

All-round assistance is offered to companies: the staff to be employed for seasonal work is trained beforehand and covered by insurance policies, food, accommodation and transport to the farmhouses in compliance with all the measures required by the Coronavirus emergency. Learn more!


Farmers and migrant workers together with the whole local population.

Main promoter

Cia-Agricoltori Italiani di Asti, in collaboration with the MOI Project, the PIAM Association and the UnipolSai insurance group

Overall aim

For increased integration and boost rural development, the province of Asti encourages newly arrived migrants to work together with local farmers.

Brief description

The project initiated in 2017 to promote labour, housing, and social inclusion of refugees. The Asti experience has the support of Cia Piemonte and will act as a laboratory for the other provinces as they believe in the value of social agriculture and are convinced that migrants are a resource of which farms can no longer do without. This is also true for other sectors, where manual labour has been traded for services by the local workforce. Migrants, through integrated reception paths with the territory, are an important tool of local development.


COVID-19 is challenging the workforce within agriculture, with farmers finding it difficult to hire workers. Examples such as this can help to improve integration and aid local farmers by employing migrants in the agricultural sector where labour force is scarce. Workers’ rights should be assured through insurance and support like in the Asti region.

Cross-cutting themes

Legal aspects and land tenure    Social innovation