Appignano del Tronto – React after a disaster

Where we are

The municipality Appignano del Tronto, located in the Marche region in central Italy, is known for its prominent character of fruitful rolling hills contrasted by barren land. Unfortunately, the Marche region was expose to an extensive disaster in 2016-2017. The seismic sequence had extensive consequences, almost half the houses in the historical heart of Appignano del Tronto were demolished.


Appignano del Tronto has had a long practice of arranging traditional musical events aimed for all ages as well as firework shows. Within the area there a are a high number of buildings with inestimable value. Among them there is a church complex used pilgrimage as well as it hosts political refugees.

By taking part in RURITAGE, the Marche region will gain knowledge and tools for increased resilience in the area. RURITAGE will offer sustainable means to reach the goal of increased resilience by enhancing local cultural and natural heritage.

Rural Heritage

The Rural Heritage Hub will be situated in a building belonging to the historic center, in the northwesterly part of the town. This was a nursery school, partially renovated and subsequently converted into an auditorium. It represents a happy stage of the existence for local people. It means lightheartedness, friendship and education for them. It is a symbol of resilience, a place to set a basis to restart, even after a disaster. The facility has got a priceless cultural value in our grandparents, parents and sons’ minds.

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Local newsletter

A newsletter from the second year in the RURITAGE project in italian.

Local newsletter

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