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Ruritania Game was designed by the Centre for System Solutions (CRS) in cooperation with UNESCO, Replicators, and UNIBO as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project RURITAGE. It was co-developed and further used by project partners across Europe to engage local stakeholders -that is, teachers, policymakers, and business owners in discussions about how to sustainably approach revitalisation and address other local challenges. Playing Ruritania Game helped these stakeholders find common ground and develop a joint incentive to act, thus accelerating local actions. While exploring solutions in a simplified reality, stakeholders were able to build connections and get motivated to take action towards a common cause. The universal version of Ruritania Game contains a compilation of good practices collected from all SIA areas. Development projects for Ruritania (the name of a fictional area created in the game) represent good practices implemented in the 6 Systemic Innovation Areas (SIAs) and constituting a European model of heritage-led rural development. The Ruritania Game can be easily personalized and sold to companies or municipalities willing to implement the stylized game in their contexts.

Workshop host

Michał Pająk

Senior Game Designer at Centre for Systems Solutions.