Business canvas for rural regeneration

Business canvas for rural regeneration

Module objective

Adapting the participative Business Model Canvas Approach to maximise the potential from Cultural and Natural Heritage in Rural Regions

Module content
  1. Introduction to Business Model Framework
  2. Orientation to CNH Business Model Canvas
  3. A technical approach to CNH – Instructions to Business Model Canvas’ Creation
  4. Understanding the content of Business Model Canvas
  5. Business Model Analysis Tool
  6. Co-creation methods for Business Model Preparation
  7. Service Design: Understanding the End-user
  8. Value Proposition Thinking – Examples
  9. Applying the CNH Business Model Canvas to a regional level
  10. Assessment of CNH Business Model Canvas

The module will make use of examples of CNH Business Model Canvas & Practical cases from the RURITAGE Replicators.

Module responsible

James Donlon

Unit Manager – National and International Enterprise and Innovation Projects, WestBIC

Module teachers

Anna-Maria Saarela

Senior Research Professor, Savonia University Applied Sciences

Tuomo Eskelinen

RDI expert, Savonia University Applied Sciences