The fruit that tells the history of the Ørland landscape

Although today this knowledge is almost lost, in Ørland, Norway, historical documents show evidence of a variety of fruit productions in the region. Unfortunately the remains of historical orchards are sparse and there is no local fruit production or sale in local market, which has not been active since the 19th century.

Based on their Regeneration Plan which aims to re-establish this tradition by re-introducing old fruit varieties to local farmers, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences together with Ørland Cultural Centre , will hold a series of workshops, virtual meetings and field trips with the objective of selecting the stakeholders for the action implementation. Involving two main steps, an initial research on historical orchard species grown in the region and on planting and fruit processing methods, and a second stage of knowledge transfer to local farmers, the action will promote job creation, enhance the preservation of the local cultural heritage local identity and as a consequence enrich visitors’ experiences.

Talking with local farmers. Credit: Annegreth Dietze Schirdewahn.