St. Olav Waterway Virtual Pilgrimage – 21st to 25th September

St. Olav Waterway is a pilgrimage route from Turku in Finland, through the Finnish archipelago and Åland Islands ending in Sweden, where it connects to existing St. Olav Ways. This enables hikers to continue to Trondheim in Norway, in a total of 1200 km.

Between the 21st and 25th of September you will be able to join a live virtual walk through the Finnish archipelago from Åland to Norway and explore different locations between Turku and Trondheim! An activity organised by our Additional Replicator from the City of Pargas, St. Olav Waterway.

This tour will feature livestreams from various locations during the week between 21.09 and 25.09, broadcasted everyday at 17 CET. You’ll be able to join local guests who will be talking about the trail and specific themes: hiking, local food, ferry life, sauna and places to stay, local views on the importance of walkers , Åland, islands of peace and some local music, Trondheim and the whole cultural route network. Of course you will also have the chance to virtually visit many of the landscapes along the route.

On the 26th of September, a 1200 km challenge will take place. The St. Olav Waterway invites everyone to walk where they live, share their achieved steps or kilometers either on an online form linked from the event page or on an app where one can join a common group. This is organized as a community event, part of European cooperation day around the Baltic Sea.
St. Olav Waterway teamed up with UK health promotion app World Walking to create a virtual walk along St. Olav Waterway. An that app can be used in the future as a way of getting to know the trail.

Don’t miss this unique chance to know the beautiful heritage of the northernmost pilgrimage route going through Finland, Sweden and Norway!