Public Webinar #4: How to build and implement your heritage-led regeneration strategies.

On previous webinars, participants were presented to the overall approach of the project and the RURITAGE’s methodology for heritage-led regeneration. A first-hand insight into what was achieved so far and the process for Knowledge Building and Transfer was also presented. The latter includes the analysis and systematization of best practices and lessons learnt, collected amongst the project’s participants.

In this fourth webinar, the focus was on the next step of our methodology: supporting rural areas in capitalizing that knowledge to design and implement sound and valuable heritage-led regeneration strategies. This process is done through a co-development approach, based on several workshops and activities aimed at engaging stakeholders and targeted to design an action plan.

A co-implementation phase is now underway, where the designed strategies are applied and monitored to ensure their success. The objective is to contribute for the development of a deep sense of ownership and responsibility amongst the inhabitants of rural areas, mainly through engagement and collaboration with local stakeholders who represent key players in this task.

Recordings are available here