Psiloritis UGGp creates a campaign in Athens metro stations.

In order to further promote the tourism products and the heritage of the geopark to the visitors and residences of the biggest city of Greece, Athens, the Psiloritis UNESCO Global Geopark created a marketing campaign that showcases the beauty of the region to the commuters of that city’s metro.

The action was implemented at the exit hall of the main platform at the Metro station of Syntagma square in Athens through a large poster exhibition. In addition, a short video teaser of 30” was shown in the screens of each coach and in all lines.

The action was organised under the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the geopark and was supported by RURITAGE, as well as Natural History Museum and the Municipalities of the geopark. It is expected to increase the visibility of the geopark and the promotion of local products and services, attracting more visitors and support the local sustainable development of the area.

“Although it is to early to assess the success and the impact of the campaign for the geopark, the fact that Psiloritis UGGp and RURITAGE were exposed for two weeks, in the peak season and in such a great location, to all kinds of visitors, is certain to have increased the visibility of the geopark and will improve the potential visitors for years to come. Furthermore, communication of this action in local level increased the pride of geopark’s inhabitants, local authorities and enterprises.”, said Babbis Fassoulas, Crete’s Rural Heritage Hub coordinator.

The main poster was a display of 6.9m x 1.8m displaying images of the geopark’s heritage, its products and activities that are offered. A smaller poster was set nearby with all necessary information of the action and the logos of all participants.

As Babbis puts it: “This event is a fantastic example of how the small resources and actions of the RURITAGE project, when are joined with other local resources, can create powerful synergies and achieve the maximum of the expected results.”