Final Conference of the FRAGLA project

The FRAGLA project aims to develop new knowledge of management policy and practice to facilitate integration of values and uses of cultural landscape within the local planning and development process. There are four issues that are highlighted in the research: 1) understanding the ‘biography’ of a landscape; 2) involving local people’s views on value recognition; 3) recognizing values of ‘Green Cultural Heritage’ (i.e. man-made landscapes with heritage values) and deliver them into local and regional development plans; and 4)planning in an integrated way. Research findings will also be transferrable to other localities and regions with similar challenges, and will serve as a model for other at-risk Green Cultural Heritages in Norway and in the rest of Europe. Main research is based on the case study of Austrått, a manorial landscape in Ørland peninsula with particular natural, cultural, historical and military significances.

RURITAGE was present at the final conference of the FRAGLA project as it is closely related to the RURITAGE project and its objectives.

Where / Brekstad, Norway
Who / Norwegian University of Life Sciences