Lesvos Island Unesco Global Geopark – 4th Participatory Workshop

The 4th and last participatory workshop of Lesvos Island Unesco Global Geopark was held online on Wednesday 27th January 2021. The beginning of the new year was a perfect opportunity for Lesvos Geopark to gather all its stakeholders and have a look at the difficulties faced during last year. All the stakeholders that participated at the three previous participatory workshops were invited, plus stakeholders from local authorities, the touristic and cultural sector and in general the local communities of the island.

The first part of the workshop addressed the challenges that the local communities of Lesvos Geopark faced during the past year not only due to the covid-19 pandemic, but also natural hazards, the social economic crisis and the migration crisis. The second part focused on the future, planning with the stakeholders the reboot of the economy, tourism and culture in the island during 2021.

On this workshop the Role Model Actions that were chosen during the three previous participatory workshops were presented to the stakeholders. The participants were asked to express their views on these actions and a final list of Role Model Actions were chosen to be implemented in the future.

This 4th participatory workshop was also a great chance to share with all Levo’s stakeholders the Geopark’s optimistic attitude towards the future.