“Foro Territórios con Futuro” by AICE

On the 16th of October, AEICE, organized the “Foro Territorios con Futuro” (“Territories with a Future Forum”), in the emblematic “Casas del Tratado”, Tordesillas, where in 1494 the Portuguese and Spanish Empires of the time, divided the divided the newly-discovered lands outside Europe along a meridian 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa. This forum, which involved more than 30 different institutions and associations from the private sector working in the Douro region, focused on innovation, heritage and tourism, and worked as a reflection and meeting point to promote the Douro Douro brand in order to discover the social and entrepreneurial capital already in place.

“The aim was to recognize the hidden people who work every day to enhance the cultural and natural heritage, local efforts with a high level of personal commitment”, explained one of the organizers.

The forum was organized in round tables with 8-10 associations and one moderator. In these discussions, the institutions briefly explained their experience followed by an open debate with audience participation. From these discussions, two main conclusions were drawn by the organizers:

  1. Cooperation is the key to progress and as such, initiatives such as the forum and the creation of collaborative networks such as Duero/Douro are needed.
  2. Now is the time, we have the opportunity to transform our territory and tackle the loss of talent and depopulation.

See more about the Douro/Duero region on this video and check the visual minutes below.