Fine Tuning Workshop 21-22 October 2020

RURITAGE believes that sharing knowledge is an essential part of the rural regeneration process. This process involves sharing experiences, learnt lessons and posing questions in a process that we call “knowledge transfer”. It is  not intended to be unidirectional, but a mutual learning process where Role Models and Replicators can exchange experiences to further upskill and reskill their expertise and capacities. For that, four workshops have been organised following the four stages of the development and implementation of the heritage-led regeneration plans in the different partner regions. 

The first Training Workshop was held on 19-22 March 2019, and hosted by our partner CARTIF, in Valladolid (Spain). The second, the Development Workshop, went deeper into the implementation phase of the heritage-led plans, exploring different partner regions and was held in Crete (Greece), on 27-30 May 2019. Finally the third, the Launch Workshop was hosted by the community of Appignano del Tronto (Italy), from 28 to 31 October 2019. As the name suggests, the workshop’s core aim was to help the Replicators in the launching of the implementation phase.

RURITAGE past workshops in Valladolid, Crete and Appignano del Tronto respectively.

The fourth, and last, the Fine-tuning Workshop was planned for early Autumn but the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reschedule and move everything online.  Hopefully we will be able to meet in the spring of 2021 at Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark to complement the findings of this online fine-tuning workshop.

During two days or Role Models and Replicators had the chance to present their work, share experiences and doubts. On the first day Replicators presented their heritage-led rural regeneration strategies and received feedback and further suggestions from the Role Models, Additional Role Models, Knowledge Facilitator Partners and/or other Replicators. Participants from the Board of Investors have also been invited to this meeting in order to explore the possibility of investment creation for Replicators. At the same time, Role Models and Knowledge Facilitator Partners had the opportunity to share knowledge on Ruritania serious game.

On the second day, Replicators have become again the focus of attention, while sharing the main pending issues that need solving in their implementation plans. Role Models then presented the outcomes of the first activities they have already implemented as part of their enhancement plans, such as the Participatory Workshop, and heard partners’ feedback.

These were intense but very productive days which left us all with a big smile on our faces. Thank you everyone for joining us and we hope to meet you all next year in person!