Heritage-Led Regeneration: What Is Our Vision?

On 20 November 2019, RURITAGE and the ROCK project will co-host a joint workshop to discuss the use of tangible and intangible cultural heritage as a driver for sustainable growth in both urban and rural areas. The workshop will be part of the Playground event organised by the ILUCIDARE project in Brussels.

The workshop participants will be divided into three working groups and explore different aspects of heritage-led regeneration. The first group will take a closer look at how heritage can contribute to building communities’ resilience. The role of heritage in creating social inclusion, particularly, access to cultural heritage for vulnerable groups, will be explored by the second group. The third group will examine how heritage drives creativity, bringing together the concepts of creative cities and arts as an innovative force for rural regeneration.

The joint workshop will serve as a basis for drawing a European Vision Paper for urban and rural regeneration through cultural and natural heritage. Following the workshop, the RURITAGE project will continue working on the Paper with support of ROCK and other involved experts and will share the document in May 2020.

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