First public RURITAGE webinar on Methodology for Heritage Management and Planning

To explore the innovative Community based Heritage Management and Planning Methodology (CHMP) behind the RURITAGE project, join in for our first public webinar. During a 90-minute webinar, moderated by prominent experts from the University of Bologna and Consulta Europa, participants will learn more about how heritage can be used as an engine for regeneration.

Looking across the world, rural areas are facing chronic economic, social and environmental challenges, resulting in unemployment, disengagement, depopulation, marginalization, and loss of cultural, biological and landscape diversity. In most cases, natural and cultural heritage is threatened. In a time of constant new challenges, rural communities must grapple matters beyond protection, but grasp the opportunities – and understand the potential – springing from their diverse and dynamic heritage. The RURITAGE project turns rural areas into laboratories demonstrating natural and cultural heritage as tools for prosperous renewal.

The innovative Methodology for Community based Heritage Management and Planning – developed within RURITAGE project – aims to provide guidance with a theoretical background and an operative programme to co-develop heritage-led regeneration strategies in rural areas. Through cross-country knowledge exchanges and local participatory planning process that allows to tailor and adapt strategies to specific needs and challenges faced by specific areas. With its cross-national research and a spread of over 36 countries, RURITAGE is currently facing global challenges on a local level.

All webinars recordings are available here.