Camino Connectivity Map

Also known as St. James Way, the French Camino de Santiago de Compostela is a thousand-year-old pilgrim route which, since the 9th century, transformed the “finis terrae” city of Santiago de Compostela into a meeting place of Western faith and thinking. Tradition is still alive and the continent’s spirituality still looks towards Compostela.

With hundreds of pilgrims making their way to Santiago de Compostela through the French Camino every year, a need to provide better binformation was felt. For this, CARTIF in partnership with the Santa Maria la Real Foundation, developed a “Connectivity Map” that provides information on the the digital connectivity along the way.

The work started with an analysis of the current connectivity situation in the Castilla and Leon portion of the Camino the Santiago with the help of existing information provided by telecommunication companies but also by a survey sent to the population of a set of rural communities identified. This helped understanding the needs not only for pilgrims but for the local population.

A connectivity map is now available.