RE-designing Access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re-)use and management of European culture (REACH)


Short description of the project:

REACH is a 36 months project, funded by the EU programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020, which started in November 2017. The project aims to contribute to unlock the potential of people to engage in culture and cultural heritage (CH) in order to foster creativity and innovation and, thereby, to empower citizens to face the immense and rapid changes taking place in Europe and beyond.

The project will establish a social platform as a sustainable space for meeting, discussion and collaboration by a wide-ranging network of development bodies, tourism, education, creative industries, CH professionals, academic experts, arts practitioners, professionals in archives and galleries, associations and interest groups representative of non-professionals and local societies, and policy-makers – all those with a stake in the field of culture and CH. For this purpose, REACH will design a toolkit of participation that promotes maximum use and involvement, and refines and generalizes the initial model.

Liaison with RURITAGE:

RURITAGE stayed regularly updated about the developments of the REACH Rural Heritage Pilot. RURITAGE participated to the REACH Call for Posters and Videos aiming to collect contributions from innovative and interesting Cultural Heritage projects that involve resilient communities and social participation.

RURITAGE and REACH exchanged social media accounts to be regularly updated about new project results and upcoming activities of mutual interest.

Further networking activities will be developed.